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Novellas, Short Stories, Biography and Essays

Novellas, Short Story and Essay Collections, Biography

(Note: this part is incomplete because many stories have been re-anthologized into many different collections. In most cases, the first publication was in Taiwan, and mainly Taiwan-published collections are listed here.)

Pacific Tango 太平洋探戈,San Min Books 三民书局, June 1, 2006. Contains the title novella plus Thirteen Noble Ladies of Nanking 金陵十三钗, later expanded to a novel and made into a film and TV series. Awarded Best Novella of 2006 from Novel Monthly magazine, May 2007. 最佳中篇小說小說月報2007年五月。

Wu Chuan is a Yellow Girl 吴川是一个黄女孩,novella published by Chengdu Shidai Publishing House成都时代出版社, June 1, 2006.

Tales of Suizi 穗子物语, first published in Taiwan traditional Chinese characters edition by San Min Books 三民书局 on January 1, 2005. Simplified character editions in Mainland China followed. Published in Vietnamese by Bach Viet Books. Consists of autobiographical stories centering around the author’s childhood and youth, particularly as a teenage soldier in a dance troupe of the People’s Liberation Army.

Flower and the Youth 花儿与少年, novella published in simplified character edition in China by Kunlun Books 昆仑出版社, January 1, 2004.

White Snake 白蛇, Chiu Ko Publishing, Ltd. 九歌出版有限公司, June 1, 1999. October Literature Prize, from October Literary Magazine, Beijing, August 2001, for the novella White Snake. 《白蛇》获2001年第七届《十月》(中篇小说) 文学奖。

White Snake and Other Stories, published by Aunt Lute Books (San Francisco), May 15, 1999, translated by Lawrence A. Walker. The entire book was published in Japanese translation by Kadokawa Shoten, and one story, “Siao Yu” 少女小渔, was translated into Thai by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and included in an anthology of the Princess’s translations published by Nanmeebooks Publication. Three of the stories in the collection were made into films. The Chinese-language original story "Celestial Bath" won First Prize, National Students and Scholars' Literary Contest (Taiwan), 1996. 《天浴》获1996年台湾"全国学生文学奖"短篇小说一等奖.

Whoever Has a Daughter Come of Age 谁家有女初养成, San Min Books 三民书局, February 1, 2001. Contains the title novella about an abducted young woman who commits a double murder, which won the Novella Prize from Novella Selections Magazine (China), September 2002. First Prize for second half of 2000 in the novella category from the magazine Beijing Literature. Also won fourth prize from the Chinese Novel Association in 2000. 《谁家有女初长成》获2000年《北京文学》下半年"中国当代文学作品排行榜"中篇小说第一名,中国小说学会"2000年度中国小说排行榜"中篇小说第四 名。 Additionally contains the novella Also Adam, Also Eve 也是亚当,也是夏娃 about a homosexual couple who have a child with help from a Lesbian surrogate mother. Both novellas subsequently republished in multiple Mainland China editions and collections.

Bohemian Building 波西米亚楼,San Min Books三民书局,April 1, 1999. A collection of essays and vignettes about the author’s experiences as a student in Chicago. Republished in various Mainland China editions.

Kite Song 风筝歌,San Min Books 三民书局February 1, 1999. Short story collection.

Daotang River 倒淌河,San Min Books三民书局, January 1, 1996. Short story collection.

Across the Sea 海那边,Chiu Ko Publishing, Ltd. 九歌出版社有限公司. Short story collection.

Joan Chen: The Early Biography 陈冲前传,San Min Books 三民书局, August 1, 1994. Authorized biography written at the request of the author’s friend, actress and director Joan Chen, who wanted to counteract some of the unauthorized biographies that had already appeared.

A Young Woman Named Siao Yu 少女小渔,San Min Books 三民书局, July 20, 1993. Short story collection. The title story became the basis of a film produced by Ang Lee and directed by Sylvia Chang. (See filmography.) First Prize for Best Novella, Central Daily News (Taiwan) Literary Contest, 1991. 获1991年"中央日报文学奖"短篇小说一等奖。

Film, Television and Radio Productions

The Flowers of War, based on author’s novella Thirteen Noble Ladies of Nanking 《金陵十三钗》(the same Chinese title was used in the Chinese movie version). Directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Academy Award winning actor Christian Bale and co-starring Chinese actress Ni Ni. The author was co-scriptwriter along with Liu Heng. The film was shown in Panorama at the Berlinale in 2012. 中篇小说《金陵十三钗》(电影,由张艺谋执导)编剧:严歌苓/刘恒 主演: 克里斯蒂安·贝尔, 佟大为, 倪妮.

Dangerous Liaisons 危险关系. Wrote the original screenplay for this film directed by South Korean director Hur Jin-ho and starring famous Korean actor Jang Dong-gun and renowned Chinese actresses Ziyi Zhang and Cecilia Cheung. . The film was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012. Set in 1930s Shanghai and based on the classic French novel of the same name. 2012年电影《危险关系》导演:许秦豪. 编剧:严歌苓、主演:张东健 ,章子怡, 张柏芝.

Mama is Getting Married. Wrote the script for this 2012 Chinese TV series directed by Jie Liang and starring renowned Chinese actress Jiang Wenli, among others. 2012年电视剧《娘要嫁人》主演:蒋雯丽、于荣光、张鲁一、李立群、刘鉴、李桓、潘之琳、许歌、吕中、杨青、陈锐 李桓、许歌、王子睿,制作人: 王海斌导演: 乔梁编剧:严歌苓 .

The Ninth Widow, TV series based on the author’s eponymous novel, starring famous actress Ye Xuan in the lead role. Directed by Huang Jianxun, script by Feng Huang. 2012年电视剧《第九个寡妇》 导演:黄建勋编剧:凤凰 经纬 邹越徐成峰主演:叶 璇、刘佩琦、李东学.

Happiness Comes Knocking (originally titled The Stepmother), 2011. Wrote the original screenplay for this TV series directed by and co-written with Ma Jin. Starred famous Chinese actress Jiang Wenli. Won the Sohu Prize for Best TV Script, May 2011. 2011年电视剧《幸福来敲门》(剧本《继母》). (编剧:严歌苓马进,导演:马进,主演:主演:蒋雯丽、孙淳、曹翠芬、林永健、杨紫、范明等。)获搜狐电视剧盛典最佳编剧奖.

Iron Pear Blossoms, 2010 TV series based on the author’s novel which in turn is based on a script by the author’s father Xiao Ma (pen name of Yan Dunxun). Written and directed by Guo Jingyu. 2010年电视剧《铁梨花》 (编剧:郭靖宇,导演:郭靖宇,主演:巍子、陈数、史可、张少华等)

Little Aunt Tatsuru, based on the author’s eponymous novel, was made into TV series in 2009, directed by An Jian and written by Lin Heping, starring Sun Li. 2009年电视剧《小姨多鹤》 (编剧:林和平,导演:安建,主演:孙俪、萨日娜、姜武、闫学晶等)

A Woman’s Epic, 2009 based on the author’s eponymous novel, directed by Xia Gang and Meng Zhu, written by Han Suzhen and Wang Han, starring famous Chinese actors Vicky Zhao and Liu Ye. 2009年电视剧《一个女人的史诗》 , (编剧:韩素真、王菡,导演:夏钢孟朱, 主演:赵薇、刘烨、方子春等主演).

Forever Enthralled (biopic about the great Peking Opera singer Mei Lanfang), Wrote the script for this 2008 feature film directed by renowned Chinese director Chen Kaige, starring famous Chinese actors Leon Lai and Ziyi Zhang. The film was shown in competition at the Berlinale in 2009. 2008年电影《梅兰芳》. 编剧:严歌苓、陈国富、张家鲁,导演:陈凯歌,主演:黎明、章子怡、孙红雷、余少群、王学圻、陈红等)

The Uninvited (aka The Banquet Bug): Selections of this book were read aloud on the BBC series Books at Bedtime: 29 January to Friday 2 February 2007: 10:45 - 11:00 pm, BBC Radio 4. The author also wrote an original short story in English that was read on a BBC program involving current literary works from China.

Whoever has a Daughter Come of Age, based on the author’s novella, was made into a film in 2001 called This Side of Heaven, written directed by Chen Jie, starring Wu Jiaojiao. While not (yet) commercially released, this film played at various film festivals and won prizes for Best Feature Film and as well as the Jury Prize at the 25th Women's Film Festival (25ème Festival du Film de Femmes) at Paris (Crétail) in 2003, and the lead actress, Wu Jiaojiao, won a Special Jury Mention at the Festival Cinéma et Aventure. 2001年电影《在天堂的那邊》(中篇小说《谁家有女初长成》),(编剧:陈洁,导演:陈洁,主演:吴浇浇)

Lao Wei (老魏) , 2000 independent film directed by U.S.-resident Taiwan film director Stanley Chi Yin (尹祺), based on the author's short story "The Old Prisoner" (老囚), is about a man who has been held as a political prisoner for 30 years and is suddenly released to the custody of his estranged family. Stanley Yin's adaptation re-sets the story in Taiwan. The film was nominated in 2000 for Taiwan's Golden Bell Awards (金钟奖 - roughly equivalent to the U.S. Emmy Awards) for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress in a TV drama. The film was shown numerous times on television in Taiwan.

Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl aka Tian Yu, feature film based on the author’s short story "Celestial Bath." Directed by famous actress-director Joan Chen and starring Li Lulu and Lopsang Qunpei. The author wrote the script for the film along with Joan Chen. The film was shown in competition at the Berlinale in 1998 and was commercially released in the US and Asia that year. The film swept Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards (金马奖 – the Chinese-speaking world’s equivalent of the Academy Awards) in 1998, winning seven Golden Horses: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Adapted Script, Best Score and Best Original Song. The author won the Golden Horse for Best Adapted Script together with Joan Chen. The two also received the International Freedom Award from the critics' group National Board of Review of Movies. The film won additional awards as well: Paris Film Festival: Best Actress, Jury Prize; Mons International Festival of Love Films, Grand Prize; Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Jury Award for Best Drama. 1998年电影《天浴》 (编剧:严歌苓、陈冲,导演:陈冲,主演:李小璐,洛桑群培等).

Wrote 25-episode Chinese-language radio series on American life commissioned by Voice of America, 1997.

An Peter Kuckei, Chinese-language reflection on German abstract-expressionist painter Peter Kuckei and his work, translated into English and German by Lawrence Walker and illustrated with images by Peter Kuckei. Released in 250-piece signed limited edition silkscreen by Nau Verlag, Berlin.

Siao Yu 少女小漁, 1994 feature film based on the author’s story of same name. Directed by actress/director Sylvia Chang张艾嘉. The author co-wrote the script with Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee 李安 and director Sylvia Chang. The script won the prize for Best Adapted Script at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival in 1994, where the film won a total of seven awards including Best Picture and Best Actress. (被改编为电影后,获亚太国际电影节最佳影片奖等六项大奖,包括最佳编剧奖。)

Nothing More than Male and Female 无非男女, 1994 feature film based on the author’s eponymous short story, directed by Taiwan director Zhu Yanping (朱延平aka Chu Yen-ping). Zhu retitled the story 情色 (Engish title Pale Sun), expanded the story and re-set it in Taiwan. 1994年台湾电影《情色》,又名《白太阳》 (编剧:王逸白,导演:朱延平,主演:苏有朋、郑家榆等).

Across the Sea 海那边,1991. Wrote a 26-episode TV series based on the author’s experiences as a Chinese student living in Chicago. Released in 1995 by China Central Television (Beijing).

Refuge, 1988 feature film, script by Li Gui, Li Kewei and the author, directed by famous Chinese movie director and film executive Han Sanping. 1988年电影《避难》(编剧:李贵、李克威、严歌苓,导演:韩三平主演:郭宵珍,梁音等).

Heartstrings: Wrote the script for this 1981 feature film directed by Ling Zhihao and Xu Jihong and starring renowned Chinese actress Yu Ping.  Released by Shanghai Film Studios. 1981年电影《心弦》 (编剧:严歌芩,导演:凌之浩、徐纪宏, 主演:俞平、宝珣、高博、胡依依、韩韬等).

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